Relationship Skills that will Improve Your Sales Presentation!

We all value RELATIONSHIPS that appreciate us. And this intuitive knowledge we all have in our personal lives can also help you understand how to sell better in business.
Relationship Skills and Sales Presentation

We all value RELATIONSHIPS that appreciate us. And this intuitive knowledge we all have in our personal lives can also help you understand how to sell better in business.

So let’s consider – what things do we like to see in people that can apply to our sales relationships?

We like people who are:

1) Great listeners – We have two ears and one mouth for a reason. A sincere listener will catch our attention and automatically makes us feel more cared for.

2) Care about our interests – Being selfish is common – so a person who takes time to become aware of our needs, interests, fears, and ideas will stand out and earn our trust.

3) Thoughtful and responsive communicators - People who are willing and eager to talk through problems are naturally attractive. The most valuable element of which is if they assume the best about us from the get-go and communicate this. And if they are responsive when we need them to be, without overwhelming our time, we enjoy hearing from them and feel respected.

4) Exude positive energy - The energy a person brings to a conversation sets the tone of our energy. We can’t help it. If that person acts superior, we feel icky about talking with them. If they act positively towards us and their own success, we enjoy being around them. Peaceful, positive, and present confidence all create a positive feeling around a get-together that will stand out on a busy day.

5) Fun conversationalist – People who smile and are enjoying spending time with you, doing what you’re doing together. Finding the joy in your product and making it fun for you is important. You don’t need to be a goofball – always appropriate fun is appreciated – but work can be boring so we will remember those who make it fun!

These 5 essential elements of ANY relationship are also essential to making any sales pitch better. And what is exciting is they are all things you have control over! You can CHOOSE to intentionally do these 5 things easily and create a better outcome today. In any relationship, you want to see grow. All relationships require some type of leadership and you have the power to do these things. You can’t control the outcomes, but I promise that in MOST cases – if you can turn up the effort in one of these areas – MOST relationships will be better than they were before due to that effort.

So what do you bring to your sales meetings with customers… employees and even vendors? What do you want to do to make a better impression today? Which area are you AMAZING at? What area could you work on?

The margin is what we have leftover from our business… in the form of profit, free time, relationships, quality of life. In all things – I wish you more abundance in your life!

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