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Business Growth Coach for Executives & Entrepreneurs

You Have A Vision

You built this successful business by investing passion, money, time and sweat. 

What will help you to extract the best out of your abilities and your business?

Top performers in every category, from sports to entertainment, have relied on an experienced coach or advisor to help them extract the maximum out of their abilities and get to the next level.

Do you want someone to help you achieve the next level?



STEP 1: DECIDE it's time to create change.

Schedule a free 30 minute ZOOM consult with Emily. First sign up for a free 30 minute consult to discuss your goals and create your custom plan.


Peace Of Mind Have someone to talk to about challenges.

Clarity Perspective and advice on where you can go.

Structure Help creating a plan you can execute.

Strategy Identify the problem & best course of action.

Encouragement Identify the problem & best course of action.

Connection Deeper relationships with partners and co-workers.

Freedom Own your business and life.

Valuation Know your business worth and how to sell it.

Exit Strategy Create your 5 and 10 year plan & exit strategy.

STEP 3: Commit to ACTION

Action creates Opportunity

  • You’re the PERFECT person to lead your business.

  • All you need to succeed is inside of you.

  • Your actions will create your future.

  • I’m here to support you finding the answers.


STEP 4: Sign up & START

Select Your Plan: Choose your consulting commitment level to work on your goals with Emily.



1 x 50 minute session on ZOOM
@ $500 per session

One single session. Doesn’t include access to MEMBERSHIP dashboard.



12 x 50 minute session on ZOOM
@ $300 per session

If used 2x a month this is 6 months of consulting. Recommended you use it within 1 year for best results.


$6,000 ($1,200 savings)

24 x 50 minute session on ZOOM
@ $250 per session

If used 2x a month for 12 months this is 1 year of consulting. Recommended you use this within 1 year.

How It Works

1. Each paid consult meeting is 50 minutes long and paid upfront. They can be combined for a longer meeting. Sessions do not expire and remain credits until used.

2. Sessions are video recorded and placed in your DRIVE folder for you to watch in the future and make sure you keep the strategies we discussed.

3. The agenda, goals, results and the focus of our sessions are up to you. You’re the captain of your destiny and Im here to help you get there! Let’s grow.

STS_Dashabord Log-in for START to SOLD Course_Mac_White

4. Regular consulting clients get access to an exclusive START to SOLD Community dashboard with exclusive video content and events to inspire our consulting conversations about growing your business.

My Promise To You

  • Before you sign up please read our CONSULTING & COACHING CONTRACT TERMS which includes an NDA agreement
    Payment is an agreement to these terms.

  • The most important thing to know is that I do not promise results because it is your business, your goals, your actions that create the results. Results and the focus of our sessions are up to you. There are no refunds.

    The only thing I can guarantee is:

    1. You are MORE than capable of making your goals a reality.
    2. I am experienced at creating growth, helping people accomplish their goals. The majority of my clients reach or exceed their goals.
    3. I will be committed to walk with you at your pace and do all I can to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

STEP 5: Create your FUTURE


You Create Your Results

If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice.  

You know what you want so let’s go seize it.