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Sign up for START to SOLD to get the support & strategy to create growth in your business with more profit and fun. A simple method to create your own strategy for consistent sales!

Course launches May 3, 2022! Enrollment open now. If you sign up before this date you will get 50% off. The first group will get access to a hybrid course with course videos and live video coaching calls 2x a month Wednesday at 12 pm CST.

Are you tired of running your business without anything left over for you?

Margin is the stuff that is left over in your business for you to enjoy – in either PROFIT or FUN.

You started this business to create BOTH.

If you have an existing business with revenue – the good news is it is simpler than it seems.

The changes usually only need to be small but specific to the highest place of leverage in your business. Which starts with learning how to more profitably generate revenue – with SALES.

Problem 1: Being an expert at your business doesn't mean you're an expert at sales

Things I have heard entrepreneurs say:

1) I hate selling

2) I don’t know how to consistently close a sale

3) My offers for products and services I just “made up” so I feel like I’m winging it

4) I don’t know who my target audience is and what motivates them to buy

5) I don’t know where to find more customers

6) I work all of the time but can’t seem to make more profit

7) I don’t know what to say when a customer says “no!”

8) I feel too embarrassed to sell

9) I feel discouraged and tired – I want a reason and proof I should  keep going

Solution 1: Sales can be learned & anyone can become better at it

we all perform better with support

Everyone has been in that moment before!

I have been where you are – frustrated and unsure how to build my business forward. It took a lot of time, tears and hard work, but I eventually built multiple businesses from $0 to over $1 million through cold calls, marketing and lead generation. I realized through the blood, sweat and tears that there is a formula to creating an effective and repeatable sales process in your business. No matter what type of business it is applied to.

It took 2 things to help me shake off the stress running a business naturally creates so I could refocus and tackle the problem with the freshness I needed to win. I needed SUPPORT and then a fresh STRATEGY, in that order.

I couldn’t just LEARN more, without first finding some support. My perspective of my problem had to be uplifted before I had the ability to keep going and apply the strategy in a way to win.

And once I had SUPPORT, I need a simple reminder of fresh STRATEGY so I could create my own success.

That is why I created the START TO SOLD Sales Growth Course – to create SUPPORT and teach STRATEGY so you (and I – yes I still use this process daily) can grow our businesses to where we want them to be.

Problem 2: Scaling your business can be overwhelming and feel slow

Who has time to read & understand all of the books on growth?

If you read books, listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos and seek out mentors (just like me)… you know there is a lot of information out there offering strategy to grow your business.

But “dang!” it can be complicated to process, organize and apply it to yourself and your business.

Plus you barely have time to create what you learn into a process because you are busy RUNNING a business and keeping it afloat.  

And mentors with real empathy and experience are busy and hard to come by.

The answers are clearly all around you  but some how it feels like it takes FOREVER to execute business growth strategies and see their measurable impact

Solution 2: Let's work through a practical simple process TOGETHER

Is the Start to Sold Sales Growth Course Right For You?

Growing a business is NOT easy but it can be simple – with clear strategy you can make it work for your unique business.

That is why I created The Start to Sold Sales Growth Course.

This program isn’t for everyone but it’s for you if:

  • You want a step by step formula to grow your business found in one place.

  • You are willing to diligently implement a plan if it will create results.

  • You want to stop “winging it” and understand what will work and what won’t.

  • You want to get over self doubt and confusion about next steps in any phase of the business.

  • You want to work at your own pace – fast or slow, you want the space to figure it out and make it your own in your timing.

  • You know your business can succeed, you just want some support and strategy to stay the course so you can create measurable proof that people want what you’re selling.


What are you wanting to create? Profitable and fun is what your business is meant to be

about the course When you sign up for the Start To Sold Sales Growth Course you'll receive immediate access to the complete online course, printable workbook and exclusive STS alumni community for life.


  • Find one place to help you write a winning GROWTH sales strategy for your business using a simple step by step process.

  • Learn concepts tested in many businesses and then get support to customize it to your small business.

  • Receive lifetime access to material.

  • Binge watch videos at your pace since the course unlocks all at once.

  • Access experienced successful entrepreneur peers ready to give you time and advice to help you grow.

  • Any future updates and content added later included free of charge.

  • Moneyback guarantee. Demonstrate you did all the homework and videos (see STS Sales Growth Course terms for details) but revenue remained unchanged, you can request your money back in full.

how it works

  1. Sign up for the Start To Sold Sales Growth Course.

  2. Watch each video in 6 modules and write out how it applies to you in your workbook.

  3. Execute on the strategy you write and create fresh sales.

  4. Submit questions or challenges to the group for advice in WEEKLY consulting calls with peers OR email to START TO SOLD alumni entrepreneur instructors to ensure you have breakthroughs and make progress.

  5. Create your results over and over in each phase of growth by returning to the START TO SOLD formula to write your sales strategy.

  6. Build your network and business by joining a community of alumni of STS for future events and mastermind programs at a discount.

what you will learn

  • What you need to know to start growing your business. It starts with knowledge.

  • Understand what actions will create results. Learn how to meet clients and start selling products or services to them.

  • Improve your process so your closing ratio increases in quantity and profitability. Learn your customer’s personalities and the unique way to speak to them.

  • Write and improve your offer and sales pitch. Identify your target customer to serve them. 

  • Eliminate fear of rejection and understand why customers don’t buy. Create real answers to help true potential clients find courage to buy.

  • Where to find FRESH resources to make your sales process even more effective and find more of your target customer. Learn how to ask for a referral and review. Identify how to create HOT and warm leads easily.

  • To help you keep track of the content and apply it to yourself, download and print the START TO SOLD SALES FORMULA workbook to track your progress.

    Download workbook and follow along with course by writing notes and answering course questions for your business. Build your sales process from START to SOLD.

...also included


In live group consulting calls get your challenges answers by Emily Page and special guest  entrepreneurs about how to apply the START TO SOLD formula to growing your unique business.


Submit a written question through the course portal and receive a reply within 24 hours. Search past common student questions for additional resources.


Get access to a library of content including past live webinars.


Future events and services will be offered first come and first serve at a discount to alumni.

YOUR INVESTMENT One time fee of $2,000

Only $2,000, your time, your commitment to follow the process and make it happen for your business.


After you have gone through the entire course and implemented it – if you haven’t earned back at least $2,000 additional dollars in revenue, we will refund the purchase price of course. Click here for more details on course terms.

Where will you find support & strategy? You started this business and you will be the one to get it where you want it to be


create your future.

Investing in yourself – the strategy and support to help you turn your business into what you want is the your most important resource. 

You know what you want so let’s go seize it.

Course launches May 3, 2022! Enrollment open now. If you sign up before this date you will get 50% off. The first group will get access to a hybrid course with course videos and live video coaching calls 2x a month Wednesday at 12 pm CST.