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Business Growth Coach for Executives & Entrepreneurs

Business Growth Coach for Executives & Entrepreneurs

create margin in your business and life. I help busy, overwhelmed, successful owners & executives, like you, identify the next steps to get what you want from your business.

Margin is the part left over for you to enjoy. Whether it's cash, time or energy...

do you want more...?

  • Growth – Hitting a growth ceiling? Are you clear who your target audience is? Are you clear how to serve them so they are raving fans? Do you have robust sales?

  • Balance – Do you feel stressed out? Are you working too much? Are you missing balance in your work and personal life?

  • Freedom – Do you want a system so you can own a business rather than be owned by your business? Do you want people and processes to work for you so you can have your life back?​

  • Profit – Not enough cash left over after all of that work? Are you charging the correct price and packaging your product or service to inspire getting paid fairly?

If You're Stuck you're just too close to the problem to see the solution.

how it works: I provide STRATEGY & SUPPORT so you can understand your business better and then unlock the best course of action.



Feel heard with 1 to 1 conversation to identify goals & problems.



Experience clarity with custom strategy for your business & goals.



See massive results as you execute and iterate with a supportive partner.

I can help you if if you own OR manage a business.

case studies

The Perfect Bite Co

  • Re-launched branded gourmet frozen appetizers for retail.
  • Increased from  $250,000 to $1 Million in sales within 1st year with small retailer sales strategy AND amazing.

“Emily brought the one thing our growing company was in dire need of (but didn’t know it); Clarity. She arrived, looked and listened, then implemented a new course of action which is still in use to this day. A clear pathway to growth.”

John Valentine, Founder and COO

Jocko White Tea

  • Brought to life the vision of Jocko Willink, NY Times best-selling author, voice of Jocko Podcast and friend for a pomegranate white tea beverage.
  • Generated $0 – 1 Million in revenue, created Amazon best-seller in tea category in 2 years… and helped people accomplish the “8,000 # deadlift.”

“Emily knows how to get after it.”


Huntington Dermatology Group

  • Growth and exit strategy for dermatology medical group.
  • Created 5 year growth plan, brand revision, COVID-19 response and 10 year exit strategy.

“Our weekly consultations with Emily… allowed us to make the right changes for our personal and professional lives. With newfound energy we’ve updated our website, our business and our attitude!”

Dr. Janice DaVolio and Dr. Seth Vaccarro, Founders


Monkey Tree Learning

  • Customer retention & sales strategy for day-care center.
  • Increase of $500k to $850,000 sales in 9 mths. Expanded from 1 to 2 locations.

“We were stagnant; paying our bills, but not going above and beyond. Right when I was contemplating closing the doors and wondering if I made a sound decision being a business owner Emily came into my company and breathed life into it. After a year of Emily’s recommendations the first location had grown from $500,000 to $850,000 in gross sales. We have also purchased a second location and will continue to expand over the next 2 years.”

Pebbles Stone, CEO and Founder

U Simply Seasons

  • Business model re-structuring, work-life balance strategy and target customer analysis.
  • Most profitable business model to date created. Found clarity to quit job and focus full time.

“I realized that for me to take my business to the next level, I needed to make some fundamental changes. Emily’s guidance has been invaluable during this time. The results are amazing as I implement the plans we’ve put together.”

Sylvia Kapsandoyo, CEO and Founder


what makes emily different?

The Real Life Wins

  • Bootstrapped her own businesses from $0 – $1.2 + million… twice! And has done this MANY other times for her clients.

  • Raised over $1 million dollars in capital from investors for projects.

  • Developed over 982 products from ideation to the retail market with clients.

  • Created over 182 brand identities and packaging designs currently selling in stores.

  • Built best sellers in Costco, Kroger, Amazon, Target, Aldi, Central Market, HEB and more.


  • Wanted to quit, too. But she didn’t, and finally broke through to margin.

  • Slept on the floor of her office so she could AIRBNB her house in order to make payroll during tough months until she built sales back up.

  • Has had clients not pay her 5 and 6 figures when they filed chapter 11 bankruptcy… and she survived.

  • Created and ended business partnerships – some beautifully and some badly – and learned how to do it right next time.

about emily

I have experience because I have launched multiple 7-figure businesses and consulted hundreds of executives in 2-5x growth… that makes me a good business woman.

What makes me a good consultant is that I believe YOU are the leader that can create success in your business. Everything you need to solve the challenges you face are already inside of you, if you have the will to find it. And that I want to help you find the SUPPORT and STRATEGY to unlock it.

With a clear strategy, where could you take your ideas? All the way to the bank.

Is it time? Let’s grow!

Business Growth Coach for Executives & Entrepreneurs

the resources are already inside you the charisma, passion, & wisdom - to create results.

what clients say...

“Emily guided us through re-launching our branded appetizer line…we exceeded our sales goal by 3x within a year and strengthened our brand recognition.”

– T. Valentine,
CEO and Founder, The Perfect Bite Co.

“The biggest result of hiring Emily is my practice went from part-time to full time… [and I am] confident in my business strategies! When the path is clear, running a business is much easier.”

– C. Asselin
Law Office of Christie Asselin

“I don’t know how I would have launched my journal series without Emily… The result was a huge boost in revenue that built my brand and allowed me to give more to my clients.”

– L. Bongiorno,
Author Diabetic Health Coach

Extremely productive and fun… I accomplished more with Emily in about 5 weeks than I did over the past couple of years… I highly recommend Emily as a business coach/consultant.”

-A. Chatten,
CEO & Co-Owner, Mammography Educators

“I am so grateful for the serendipitous meeting I had with Emily. She helped me discover ways to streamline our business and elevate the brand, giving us the confidence to grow our customer base.”

– C. Radcliff
CEO,Wick Me Away Candles
” Sessions with Emily have been invaluable as we grew from zero stores to thousands nationwide. .”
– R. Monique,
CMO, ChocZero

other clients

are you ready?

Let’s grow your business from START TO SOLD™ with more profit and fun.

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