How A Vacation Will Increase Your Sales

I just returned from a vacation in San Diego and as I flew back on Southwest Airlines - wearing a mask and flip flops... I knew I had to share the #SECRETSAUCE REASON why I allowed myself to take a week off at the beach so you could be encouraged in your work too. Vacations INCREASE YOUR SALES.

Emily Page, executive growth coach tells you to take a vacation to grow your business.
What do you believe will grow your business? Putting in hardworking is the popular focus today and an important element of building a business. But it's NOT everything.


We all have heard the catch phrases "#GETAFTERIT" and #HUSTLE. We manifest those phrases everyday to reach our goals and create success. That is what I ALWAYS thought would be the most crucial key to building my business and I made my work a priority above ALL things.

Therefore I would NEVER take a break! 12 hours of work x 6 days a week... no vacations and often skipping the gym. The result was that I got very very burnt out! The joy of my work seemingly dwindled and I wasn't sure I was doing the right thing for work. I hit a standstill in the growth of my business.

It was then I was reminded of the words of my dad Otis Page, (a black belt in sales, raising over $1 billion dollars in assets in his career) "You must take a vacation!" When he told me this I argued with him - "I am busy! I don't have time or money to take a break. I have live projects and I need to find more clients."

Emily Page, executive growth coach tells you to take a vacation to grow your business.
What actually increases productivity and sales for your business? It is a balanced life that includes rest.


That is when he told me one of the LAWS OF SALES - Sales comes to you, when you have the energy of success. This means that when you feel excited, passionate about your work, and filled with faith that money is coming to you... you will actually perform better. The best way to implement that is to LITERALLY TAKE A VACATION. Successful people take a vacation and trust that there is enough abundance and opportunity in the world that you don't have to work ALL of the time to capture it. You trust there are seasons for a reason.

He further reassured me that #HARDWORK is only part of the answer to the question "What makes for a productive and sales filled business...?" The other part of the answer is "...and #REST." And the science behind it makes sense in part, and the other part is almost magical.

My dad explained, there is something magical SPECIFICALLY about taking a vacation - that he and his fellow blackbelts in sales would experience when they took a vacation... magically their orders and sales would increase while they were gone and not working. The order they had chased for months would suddenly show up literally the day they jumped on a plane and turned off their phone.

I have tested out this wild claim MANY times over the past few months (including this past week when I took a vacation to San Diego). This trip is a great example... waiting in my inbox were a number of emails from people who I had been waiting to get back to me... but for some reason suddenly decided to reach out that week while I was gone to close the deal. There were 4 leads for Pearl Resourcing and 2 leads for Business Growth Consulting to be exact. That means I got a tan... snorkeled with the Girabaldi fish... and grew my business AT THE SAME TIME.

The first question I have for you is 1) When was the last time you took a vacation? Why haven't you? And is it maybe time?


There are two reasons this is a RULE you can count on to help generate more sales...

  • 1) RESET YOUR INTERNAL PERSPECTIVE & ENERGY - The vacation will be the thing that inspires CREATIVITY, CHARISMA and CONFIDENCE... the elements it takes to attract customers and close more sales. When you're burnt out you will lack the internal energy that is attractive to clients. You need to bring that energy to every sales conversation in order to create the sales leads you want. You cannot WORK your way into that energy - it requires inspiration. Vacations are the best way to create space for a reset of your perspective and energy.

  • 2) BLESSINGS FOLLOW FAITH - There is something inexplainably magnetic about the act of faith - trusting that the business you want to build and the clients you need will come to you. By RESTING something will truly shift in the universe and clients and sales will show up. I can’t say why, I just know it happens. It is something that is MORE powerful than a scientific 1-1 result like the point #1 above. Regardless of whether you believe in God or the Universe working on your behalf or not - if you try it and choose to have faith, you will be surprised what things can change for good while you take a break. It just seems that blessings come to those who can take a moment to rest and appreciate the life they have - and walk in faith.


If you've already been working hard, then that means you have sown seeds into the ground that sometimes JUST take time to grow. If you honestly plant 10 seeds into the ground and do the hard work to help them grow - some ratio are bound to sprout (maybe 3 - 8 out of 10) but you cannot control when they sprout. The process of waiting and watching those seeds with anxiety DOESN'T help them to sprout faster. What do you have to lose? What if I am right? What if you will find increased sales in the wake of jumping into a lake on a family vacation?

So if you feel burnt out - consider if it’s time to take a vacation? I suggest checking out Southwest Airlines (my favorite airline) for some cheap tickets to the lovely San Diego. Please do let me know how that impacts your sales and rejuvenates you!

Below are some highlights from my inspiring and life giving trip!

Celebrating with my niece as she turns 4 years old in an underwater submarine with a view of all of the fun fish in California. We are confident we found Dori and are still trying to find Nemo!

Kayaking in La Jolla Shores meant seeing Garibaldi (California's neon orange state fish up close and personal) and getting a sunshiny workout with Dylan Lin!

Catalina Island at night from the Chimes Tower! It's a hike that is worth it.

Emily Page takes a vacation and shares why you should too in order to grow your business.
Catalina Island at night from the Chimes Tower! It's a hike that is worth it.

A quick FOOD TOUR involved eating and comparing tacos from 3 different shops in Encinitas and Carlsbad... City Taco we are happy to share was the winner! Get their shrimp taco, it's amazing!



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