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Business Growth Coach for Executives & Entrepreneurs

They Call Me E$

At my university I had become well known as “E$ (E-Money)” for bringing everyone to the dance floor with embarrassing signature moves like the “Big Fish, Little Fish” and “Photocopy Machine.” Between sets I would start conversations with strangers and rope the outsiders into the circle to create opportunity for fun moments of glory for anyone around me.

My utterly terrible moves and willingness to embarrass myself made every shy would-be dancer feel confident they would be better than me. It usually resulted in a wild and fun moment where we all forgot our insecurities and found freedom on the dance floor.

This nickname stuck because I took advantage of every opportunity and made a moment, a friendship and a memory “rich.” And thus one of my friends at the time called me E$ and it stuck the rest of my college career.





My goal is to be the iron to sharpen your iron.

The wealth of opportunity for fun, community, inspiration and success is all around us at any moment. Often you just need to find the right person who is willing to listen and align with your vision, desire your success. That relationship can be especially powerful if they are like you and willing to fail in order to succeed. That person can help you tap into the resources you already possess 

Coaching is that exact same experience for me and my clients – our call objectives are simply to curate an environment where you can seize the moment you are in and bring the “heat” of what you are meant to share with the world.

Its Your Story that motivates me.

I love to work with my clients as a coach, consultant or speaker — because when we get together with the common intent to grow something, almost supernatural happens where we become more than what we could have been alone. ​As individuals we all have incredible innate talent, wildly interesting stories, and unique problems to overcome. But our greatest potential is revealed through our challenges and realized in the presence of other people. 


I believe that every success skill we need is already known inside of us in a different category in life. It doesn’t take much more than a shift of perspective and practice to tap into the resources we possess and apply it in a new way to grow our business. Often you’re working so hard and have made so much progress that a fresh perspective from a peer is what will push you and your business to a higher level. Which is my goal – to help you identify those resources so you can build your revenue, reduce your costs, increase efficiency, make a clear plan and succeed.

I'M AN INVESTOR at heart.

I want to see a return on what I invest. Money, beauty, fame and power will all fade but what we do on this earth towards others I believe will last for eternity, because the real value in life is not physical. It’s spiritual. It’s in the lives of the people we know, love, contribute to and receive from. And our businesses are some of the most real and measurable places we are able to invest those intangible things and see tangible results that impact us, our family, employees and the people who enjoy our products. 

Building something meaningful.

That’s why I know my calling is to create measurable sales, profit & business growth for individuals and company’s that are committed to bringing light into the world.

I’m here on this earth to plant things that bear fruit and if anything I can say or facilitate can help you or your team find your own answer, grow your business,  see a new truth — then I’ve done what I dream about.

In this life may we be a blessing,


Executive summary

    • BA & MA in Economics from University of Southern California

    • Studied economic development, game theory, and served as a research assistant on the topic of human happiness theory under Dr. Richard Easterlin

    • Worked in Alumni Relations & Fundraising for USC Law, raising nearly $1 million in small gift participation

    • Worked with The Perfect Bite Co. in operations for 5 years, developing private label and branded food products for national grocery chains

    • Co-founded Jocko White Tea with friend, NY Times best selling author and iTunes Top-10 business podcaster, Jocko Willink of Jocko Podcast.

    • Owns Pearl Resourcing, a packaging and product development agency.

    • Owns Emily Anne Page Growth Consulting, a business development and management company creating measurable sales, profit and & growth for a select group of people & companies who share her core value to bring light into the world through physical products brands.

    • Publishes START TO SOLD YouTube Channel and Podcast with free advice for physical product brand owners.

    • I built my own business Pearl Resourcing, an international physical product development agency, past $1 million dollars through cold calls and warm referrals over 4 years.

    • I have started my own physical product brand, raised money and reached $1 million in sales, retail presence and best selling status in 3 years. I packaged and negotiated the sale of that business and oversaw the transfer of the information so the new owners could continue running that business successfully. 

    • For other clients I have received the same result of creating massive growth in sales, effective systems for management and powerful brand stories. With over 9 years of experience, I have managed and launched multiple 7-figure brands resulting in 2-5x growth in sales in retail and online commerce.