1st Book Published: The Diabetic Health Journal: Type 1 Diabetes

A labor or love -- something that requires one person's dedicated vision and a team of others with skills and belief in that vision - it takes these things to publish a book. Over the past year I've been a partner with my client and friend Lauren Bongiorno, a diabetic health coach to publish her book and get it to market. Im proud to say the book is NOW available for sale on http://thediabetichealthjournal.com!

Lauren's passion AND compassion for others is contagious as soon as you meet here - she has made a huge difference for many of her diabetes coaching clients by providing advice and encouragement as they learn to navigate their health with Diabetes Type 1. Her book helps is like having a personal coach - you record vital pieces of your life that effect your blood sugar health so you can find patterns and take control of your health again.

Lauren had the idea, spreadsheets and tools, and tons of coaching experience - she was ready to write her book. I loved the idea and her energy and knew I wanted this to be the 1st book I published under Emily Page Publishing (http://emilyannepage.com/publishing/). We brought in Kat Reyes (http://katreyesdesign.com) to be the Visual Identity Director. You can see above one of MANY FaceTime calls to review, edit and revise the book before it was ready to be published.

In January we launched a KICKSTARTER and Lauren's diabetic follower base and clients EXEEDED her funding goals and her pre-sale of the book was fully funded.

My own mom also has diabetes Type 1 and it's especially close to my heart to create something that serves diabetics and helps them feel in control of their health and find real patterns in their blood sugars so they get their life back. I can't think about it without tears in my eyes and love in my heart for people going through this.

If you know anyone with Diabetes Type 1 - feel free to share this journal and community. Thank you to everyone for the support!


The Diabetic Health Journal is an easy to use, action-oriented, convenient 3-month reflection journal that provides Type 1 Diabetics with organization, structure, routine, and most importantly, control. This journal is an effective and mindful strategy to improve diabetes management physically, mentally, emotionally and give the support and guidance needed in between the 3-month endocrinologist checkup. It is designed in a way that forces you to slow down, become more mindful about everyday decisions, and reflect on what’s working and what needs to change. Don’t change your goals, change your METHOD.

The purpose of the #DHJ is to give:

  1. Support + accountability in between the 3 month physician check up

  2. Crucial insight to best manage diabetes Type 1

  3. Consistency with mindful habits that improve day to day control

Lauren’s Story

As a Type 1 Diabetic and Diabetic Health Coach, I recognized a gaping hole in the way diabetes is managed. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been on a quest to incorporate a more holistic diabetes management approach that emphasizes the mind, body and soul. There is SO much focus on the blood sugar numbers, but not enough on all the other areas that can lead to a healthy and empowered life.

For many years, I’ve tracked my health and well-being and found it’s SO important to feeling more in control of my health and happiness and avoiding feelings of frustration with diabetes. But what I didn’t always have is clarity and one place to measure all my progress. Between scribbling down the correlation between my insulin, food and exercise on haphazardly placed post-it notes, to jotting down random observations about my blood sugar patterns in forgotten notes on my iPhone, and accounting for daily energy levels, workouts and gratitude, each with a different app, I never had the ability to reflect on the big-picture of my health in a meaningful way. Until now.

I needed a concise daily guide merging all areas of health that would help improve my diabetes control. I needed a place to see the whole picture and assess what was working for my body and what I could change to make the next day better. I wanted something where I could actually put pen to paper and take a step away from technology to sink deeper into a mindfulness practice. 

At first, I created a very basic PDF template for myself and would send them to my clients as well. The improvement this created in our overall health and blood sugar control was instant, but time and time again my clients would say the same thing: “I wish these blood sugar logs and reflection sheets were in some kind of binded book!” 

THAT’S WHEN I CREATED THE DIABETIC HEALTH JOURNAL. My favorite quote is “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” If you aren’t achieving the happiness and health you want, don’t change your goals, change your method. Come break the pattern with me and receive as much value out of it as the amount of love I put in.


The Diabetic Health Journal: A 3-Month Guide To Achieving Your Best A1C (Type 1 Diabetes Edition). Written Lauren Bongiorno, Former division 1 college athlete-turned-Nike Influencer, and a passionate Diabetic Health Coach, Yoga Instructor, and Wellness Speaker. Published by Emily Page Management. Designed by Kat Reyes Design. https://www.laurenbongiorno.com/the-diabetic-health-journal/ IG: @diabetichealthjournal FB: /LaurenBongiorno/

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