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Business Growth Consultant for Executives & Entrepreneurs

Select Your Plan: Choose your face to face consulting package to work with Emily via 50 minute ZOOM meetings.



1 x 50 minute session on ZOOM
@ $500 per session

One single session.



12 x 50 minute session on ZOOM
@ $300 per session


$6,000 ($1,200 savings)

24 x 50 minute session on ZOOM
@ $250 per session

If used 2x a month this is 1 year of consulting.


$9,600 ($4,800 savings)

48 x 50 minute session on ZOOM
@ $200 per session

If used 4x a month this is 1 year of consulting.

Email to request quarterly payment plan at $2,400 per quarter. Sessions must be paid in advance.

How It Works

1. Each paid consult meeting is 50 minutes long and paid upfront. They can be combined for a longer meeting. Sessions do not expire and remain credits until used.

2. Sessions are video recorded and placed in your DRIVE folder for you to watch in the future and make sure you keep the strategies we discussed.

3. The agenda, goals, results and the focus of our sessions are up to you. You’re the captain of your destiny and Im here to help you get there! Let’s grow.

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4. Regular consulting clients get access to an exclusive START to SOLD Community dashboard with exclusive video content and events to inspire our consulting conversations about growing your business.

My Promise To You

  • Before you sign up please read our CONSULTING & COACHING CONTRACT TERMS which includes an NDA agreement
    Payment is an agreement to these terms.

  • The most important thing to know is that I do not promise results because it is your business, your goals, your actions that create the results. Results and the focus of our sessions are up to you. There are no refunds.

    The only thing I can guarantee is:

    1. You are MORE than capable of making your goals a reality.
    2. I am experienced at creating growth, helping people accomplish their goals. The majority of my clients reach or exceed their goals.
    3. I will be committed to walk with you at your pace and do all I can to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

What Is Included:


  • Define your goals, create a strategy, create results together with someone invested in the long term growth of your company.
  • Meet with me virtually for one-on-one consulting on a simple ZOOM video interface, for 50 minute sessions (can be used anytime but suggested at least used every other week for best results).
  • Each session we will work towards your long term growth goals and I will provide you with guidance, accountability and personal support, customized to your needs.

  • Meetings can be used as you desire – if you choose to use your sessions over the period of 3, 6 or 12 months. They won’t disappear until used. It is recommended you use at least one session every other week for results.


  • Access to START to SOLD Consulting Membership dashboard where all your files are organized, making navigation easy.
  • Access to monthly private LIVE recorded webinars on topics you care about to help you work on the BIG PICTURE of sales, stay focused and get expert advice to help you grow.
  • Additional hours can be added for the month at the rate of $250 per session.
  • Onsite company retreats or brainstorming for $5,000 + travel expenses.

Scheduling Your First Call

  1. When you sign-up and make payment you will receive 2 emails:
    • An email welcoming you and giving you the link to the START TO SOLD Consulting Membership Dashboard and confirming payment. It will also have a link to schedule your first consulting call.
    • An email with your temporary log-in and a link to create your own password. It is important you immediately go find that email in your inbox or possibly junk box and set your password to one you will remember.
  2. Once you schedule your call you will receive an automated EVENT invite to place the appointment on your calendar. You will also receive reminders via email and text.

Your First Call

  1. On the day of our call be sure to be in a quiet, bright place.
  2. Prepare mentally before the call and decide what you want to get out of it that day. You will get what you decide to seek. What is your objective for growth? You’re the captain of your destiny and I’m here to help you accomplish what you set your sight on.
  3. To join our video ZOOM call on your computer, click the link in your event invite. Zoom will prompt you to allow temporary access to two things on your computer: A) microphone and B) video. Click to accept both to access the call.
  4. Do the call! Calls will be recorded for your future reference purposes unless otherwise requested.

I can’t wait to work with you!

What Past Clients Say: