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Get Into The US Retail Market With A 6 Point Packaging Design Checklist

Remember that packaging helps you to sell faster.


0:00 Intro 

0:57 1 – Have a big picture strategy 

3:51 2 – Create a brand story that builds trust 

10:47 3 – Your packaging artwork 

14:02 4 – Structural packaging 

19:09 5 – Plan for merchandising 

22:31 6 – Test & get feedback 

25:14 Summary of your “Packaging Design” checklist


If you want to launch your product or brand into the US retail market you must look RETAIL READY. Does your packaging look appropriate and professional?

Let’s review the 6 ESSENTIAL things you must revise and strategize for your packaging to sell off the shelves in retail stores! Make sure you have a strong strategy before you attend tradeshows or start selling in the US. 

Clarity is power and we want your brand to be a success.

What strategy do you need to implement next in order to improve how RETAIL READY your brand appears to be and increase the probability you will sell more?

Get Into The US Retail Market with 6 Point Packaging Design Checklist

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