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Here is what people are saying...
  • Extremely productive and fun, Emily provided business coaching for me and my small business over the past couple of months. She has been fantastic! Emily is extremely organized and will hold you accountable to take action. I accomplished more with Emily in about 5 weeks than I did over the past couple of years.  She helped me almost double our employees, create a new organizational chart, streamline our on-boarding plan and most importantly, give me my life back. I am now able to focus on the high level strategic items to continue to grow our business. I highly recommend Emily as a business coach/consultant. - Amy Chatten, Founder and Co-Owner, Mammography Educators 


  • In just a 30 minute conversation with Emily of Pearl Resourcing, our start-up brand learned a tremendous amount of information and gained invaluable insight into the snack food industry. From product trials and packaging design to manufacturing, we discussed a broad range of subjects with Emily and are in the process of implementing much of what we learned. We would surely recommend Pearl Resourcing to anyone in the space or entering it, and we are excited to keep working with the firm. - Griffin Spolansky, Founder and CEO, Mezcla Snack Bars


  • Emily is a go-getter who is determined to make every type of project work for her clients. She is resourceful, often connecting to another colleague to ensure the customer is receiving answers to all of their questions. We have changed the packaging on 2 items because of Emily. - Sean Ege, Sales Executive


  • "I am so grateful for the serendipitous meeting I had with Emily. She helped me discover ways to streamline our business and elevate the brand, giving us the confidence to grow our customer base. Entrepreneurship is difficult at times. I feel so thankful to have had Emily help me with our strategy and positivity during the ebbs and flow. To any small business looking to take their business to the next level. Emily is your girl!” - Courtney Radloff, Founder and CEO, Wick Me Away Candles


  • "In 2017 I was given the opportunity to purchase a failing business. Within my ability I was able to correct the “simple” outside things I knew I could do going into business ownership. After a year of ownership I was not seeing the growth potential the company had. We were stagnant; paying our bills, but not going above and beyond. I reached out to Emily and after 1 phone call I had a page full of ideas and recommendations. We immediately implemented them and week one we had 7 new enrollments and by the end of the month the center was at capacity. After a year of Emily’s recommendations the company has grown from $500,000 a year in Gross sales to $850,000 in yearly sales. We have also purchased a second location and will continue to expand over the next 2 years. Right when I was contemplating closing the doors and wondering if I made a sound decision being a business owner Emily came into my company and breathed life into it. Emily’s business knowledge and recommendations works and is doable when you're discouraged and your plate is already full." - Pebbles Stone, Owner and CEO, Monkey Tree Learning Centers


  • "I hired Emily Page as my business growth consultant to help me create a growth strategy for my brand and business. My goals were to improve sales and optimize my tight marketing budget. To address these goals, we wrote a plan to change copackers and negotiate packaging prices to improve inventory levels, which in turn would improve sales. We also wrote a plan to grow marketing and optimize SEO on Amazon and in general, feel better about the direction I’ve been going with my brand USimplySeason. During this process, I realized that for me to take my business to the next level, I needed to make some fundamental changes. Emily’s guidance has been invaluable during this time. I feel so fortunate to have her coaching and mentoring me through these transitions. The results are amazing as I implement the plans we’ve put together.” - Sylvia Kapsandoy, Founder and CEO, USIMPLYSEASON.COM


  • "I don't know how I would have launched my journal series without Emily and her team. From Brand Design, Manufacturing, Marketing and Sales... Emily helped guide me through it all. The result was a huge boost in revenue that also built my brand and allowed me to give more to my clients." – Lauren Bongiorno, Diabetic Health Coach and Author


  • "Emily organized the re-brand and product development of our signature frozen appetizer line over a 12 month period from inception to launch so we exceeded our sales goal by 3x within a year and strengthened our brand recognition." – Teri Valentine, Founder and CEO, The Perfect Bite Co.