I have been speaking about GROWTH professionally for 9+ years to audiences as large as 500 and as small as 1-1.


I believe great events engage the audience and extract out of them the commitment, creativity and answers they already possess. Whether we're doing an intimate executive retreat for your team OR a large event for you company I am here to serve you.

At every speaking engagement I'm committed to:


  1. Interaction - Asking questions and getting the audience involved is the best way to keep your audience engaged and actively learning. Each seminar I lead will involve the audience in moving the talk forward and creating an event they will remember.

  2. Building Culture - By educating everyone on principles and processes of success we raise the standards for everyone on the team and allow for a common culture of tools and vocabulary they can use to create results amongst each other, long after the event is over.

  3. Taking Action - Events and seminars should create action. Every speech I give focuses on what our next steps will be after we leave the room.

Categories of Expertise:

  • Sales

  • Packaging

  • Product Development

  • Retail Sales

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Grocery Industry

  • Online Commerce

  • Marketing & Branding

  • Organizational Leadership

  • Team Building

  • Personal Growth

  • Women in Business

Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. How To Book Emily Page? To inquire about availability email with information about your event including: EVENT TITLE, DATE, TOPIC FOR TALK, INFORMATION ABOUT ATTENDEES, LOCATION. We will get back to you immediately.

  2. How much does it cost to book Emily? Pricing varies according to circumstances, length of presentation, and location. For the most current fees email for more information:

  3. How can I buy books for our team and presentation? Wholesale pricing for books are available. Please email the quantity you're interested in and location for shipping to get discounted pricing:

  4. Where does Emily Page travel from? Dallas, Texas


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