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Retail Sales Presentation Training & Template by Emily Anne Page

Create an effective retail sales presentation faster with a START to SOLD Training & Template by Emily Anne Page.


  • Your own brand’s customized pitch for 10-15 minute meeting.
  • Clarity on what retail buyers want to hear to be interested in buying.
  • Review of effective presentation skills including body language, tone, perspective and technological elements to check so nothing goes wrong.
  • Confidence to pitch successfully!
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What Do You Need To Say In An Effective Retail Pitch?

This Training & Template Will Show You How What is included?


I’ve designed 14 recommended pages essential for a 10 minute retail presentation and included instructions for what you need to explain or show on each slide.

  • Every page includes START to SOLD brand logo, image and copy placeholders you can easily replace with your own product photos!

  • The greatest asset you will find is the coaching and guidance in the SLIDE INSTRUCTIONS PDF and 30 MINUTE VIDEO which reviews the necessary information for your effective pitch slide by slide. I’ll explain what retailer are looking for and different ways to address those concerns whether you’re a legacy or emerging brand.
  • Matching the pitch to your brand is important so I have included 3 style pitch variations (42 total slides) which you can mix, match, and customize for your branded retail pitch.

  • With purchase you can download the files in either Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote versions, which means it will be easy for you or a staff member to edit with any computer or software you own.
  • I’ve also created a simple USER GUIDE to make sure you know the easiest technology steps to download, save, and customize the template.

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  • Instant access on my START to SOLD dashboard with 30 MINUTE VIDEO teaching you the foundation of an effective pitch, slide by slide in the template.
  • Fully customizable files in PowerPoint, Keynote or FIGMA file designed with START to SOLD placeholder branded images which are included to make your design simple. You can simply replace product images and text with your own.
  • Bonus slides for faster design: COMMON RETAILER LOGOS, COMMON DISTRIBUTOR LOGOS, COMMON CERTIFICATION SYMBOLS, MAP of USA and all individual 52 states.
  • USER GUIDE (PDF) for easy editing instructions.
  • SLIDE INSTRUCTIONS (PDF) for clear coaching on effective content to include in each slide.
  • 1 x A special offer to purchase single session to practice Your new pitch and get feedback and critique to refine it (available with purchase)

What Customers Say About The Template?

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  • Download in a .ZIP file containing: A) template in .PPT and .KEY file formats B) User Guide (PDF) C) Slide Instructions (PDF)
  • Landscape 8″ x 11″ letter size makes it perfect for home printer.


Completing this purchase will give you instant access to our START to SOLD membership portal. You can find the link to your download page and password in your email inbox (also check your junk mail). Once you’re logged in you can immediately download:

  • A) Editable presentation both presentation formats (.PPT or .KEY)
  • B) User Guide (PDF) – how to share your finished presentation in various formats including downloading in a small size or adding to your website for simple sharing with retail buyers
  • C) Style Instructions (PDF) – advice for how to edit and personalize each page for effective communication

    • Download the main file template.
    • Personalize content and re-design to match your brand style.
    • Export as PDF.
    • Share the presentation at the tradeshow, or embed final in your website as a website to share with buyers after your pitch.
    • optional Hire Emily to be your 1-1 Coach to Practice Your Pitch (special offer to purchase a single session available with purchase)


Purchase includes one license for one individual company use and was created as a courtesy service to help companies like prepare their professional pitch faster. This presentation may not be shared for FREE or re-sold to anyone who did not make payment for this license. Sharing or re-selling this template to any individual or company who did not purchase this template is a violation of the terms of condition of purchase. This template is the intellectual property of Emily Page, LLC all rights reserved.

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