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Start to Sold Podcast


I’m excited to interview you!

If you’ve gained access to this page, it means you’ve been invited to be on the show!  

Use this page to schedule your recording time and prepare for the show by reading the outline below.




1) Click my Calendarly link ( to schedule a podcast interview that is convenient for you! If you have this idea, you can also just email me times.

2) Once scheduled you will receive an autogenerated event invitation to your email with the links and information necessary for the day of the event! 


1) You will get some topic suggestions and questions from Emily. Write out your answers in bullet points/short hand to the questions so you have your thoughts organized and send them over to Emily via email to BEFORE the video.

2) Send a 5 sentence bio and photo with links you want to share to your website or social media.

3) Subscribe to and browse START TO SOLD videos to see examples of our videos:

Start To Sold is a YouTube Channel to serve, educate and highlight product development brand owners. Everyone wants to know how to sell your physical products on retail or e-commerce! But getting that knowledge is usually learned the expensive and hard way! Follow this channel for real life experience and advice from Emily Page, on effective product development so you can go from IDEA to PRODUCTS THAT SELL. Let’s go from Start to Sold.


1) Be sure you’re in a quiet room, with bright lighting, no movement in the background. Be sure you’re using a video enabled and audio enabled computer or iPhone. If you choose to use a phone you MUST use a tripod + a headset/EarPods so the audio and video is not compromised with movement.

2) Here is the event invite with the video conference link (no password required):

Join Zoom Meeting

I recommend you log in a little early (15 min before) to be sure you can get the video, audio and lighting figured out. Make sure you’re not in the shadow or covering the microphone… and don’t forget to smile. ☺


1) We will send over a draft video link for your review and very likely a related article. You can review, suggest edits and approve! The documents will go live!

2) We will send you the images and links to be able to share and promote the video or article as well within your circle. Tag @Emilyannepage and @StartToSold