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7 Steps to Prepare Your Business To Sell For More Training & Worksheet Emily Anne Page

Hi, I’m Emily Anne Page, a Business Sales Consultant.
Do you know how to prepare your business to sell and sell for the maximum value?
Allow me to SIMPLIFY things with my START to SOLD 50 minute training and worksheet.

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In this powerful 50 minute training I will cover 7 steps you must go through to increase the value of your company when you will sell. The result of the time spent together is clarity on your weaknesses, strengths and a direction to grow so you sell for more.


  • 7 x Steps To Prepare Business For Sales Explained in 50 Minutes of Videos

  • 2 x Emails (1st email includes links to a website with the video and free download and the next day a 2nd email which includes an offer to work with me as a consultant to help you prepare to sell)

  • 1 x Free Download Worksheet To Help You Apply The 7 Steps To Your Business

  • 1 x Special Offer To Work With Me To Prepare Your Business For Sale


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  • A simple written plan to prepare your business for sale
  • A list of things to improve
  • A preliminary estimate of your current business value
  • The answers to questions a potential buyer will need to know in one place

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What People Say About Working With Emily

All Based On Experience


The steps I suggest are ones I’ve used to sell MY own business and help others to sell for maximum value too as a sales consultant. Most importantly I’ve sold my own companies – with my own skin in the game I know what is at risk and what options exist for you to reach your best outcome.

  • I’ve built 3 companies to over $1 million in revenue.

  • COMPANY A – Pearl Resourcing is an agency offering “done for you” services with many employees and clients which I own 100%. I still own and run it.

  • COMPANY B – A physical product food business I built with a business partner in a 70/30 split in ownership. We created the product from scratch and we grew sales to over $1.5 million in revenue on Amazon and in large retailers. We sold that company with a multi-year buy out.

  • COMPANY C – The other company is my sales consultancy which I own 100% and continue to run with two employees!


I have helped hundreds of business owners and executives grow their sales and many of them were interested in selling their company. Together we wrote a plan to successfully accomplish that goal!

  • CLIENT EXAMPLE A – A physical product company in the food industry with hundreds of SKUs and three founding partners. This business was interested in eventually taking on venture capital money and buying out one partner. They were far off from this goal (8 years!) but I evaluated what they needed to have in place to raise money and wrote a need analysis to help them identify what to focus on and build in the meantime. The plan worked! They had a partial exit and will likely have a second one after the VC sells again!
  • CLIENT EXAMPLE B – A brick’n mortar service based business with two partners looking to retire in 3-5 years and locate potential buyers. Within one year of working together we identified their goals, clarified the ideal target customer, created the plan to attract buyers and sell the business, prepared operating procedure updates, created branding and marketing assets to refresh the company’s appearance, found a buyer, prepared desired costs and terms, discussed negotiations and conflicts in the sale process, and completed the sale to a great buyer on the terms that they exactly hoped for.
  • CLIENT EXAMPLE C – A digital service based business with two partners at different ages wanted a plan for a “partner” buyout because one partner wanted to retire before the other. Within one year of working together we identified their goals, the business value and created a timeline to walk towards creating an agreeable sale. Both partners were able to talk through an agreeable plan and most importantly remain on good terms with each other.
Training – 7 Steps To Prepare Your Business To Sell For More
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