VIDEO INTERVIEW: When It's Right To Quit Your Job (with Tracy Timm)

Is becoming an entrepreneur right for you? It ain't easy and it's not a get rich quick method for most! It takes commitment, conviction, passion and the belief that life for you is about MORE than money or security - and that thing for you must be a desire for doing something on your own.

In this STORY BASED interview of me (Emily) by Tracy Timm (my friend , a career coach and fellow entrepreneur!) is on the topic of finding your career direction. We have all been stuck and confused at one point or another in our professional life - sheesh we spend most of our day working and when that part of our lives isn't happy... it's the WORST!

On this episode Tracy invited me to join her so we could use our own personal lives to answer the question: "When It's Time To Leave Your Job VS When To Stick It Out? (Entrepreneur Version)" In this specific episode I share when I personally quit my job and started being an entrepreneur which will be helpful and encouraging to anyone PONDERING if entrepreneurship right for them. With 30 minutes of personal stories and laughter we come to some encouraging conclusions on the other side of our painful and confusing professional moments.

Tracy and I hope that you also find some answers in your own professional path so you can know if it's time to leave your job or time to stick it out and learn from it.

Wishing you wild professional success,

<3 Emily

Click to watch: (you will want to skip to 1:45 min to start).

Key Points:

  • It might be time to take a new direction when you feel curiosity, joy and passion.

  • When you fail at your own dreams and expectations or are in transition... it can be the fertilizer you need for the best and most important re-directs that will force you to a better professional outcome.

  • How do you know when you should move forward to something different? Most often I'll know because the right thing will spark joy.

  • Don't despise the day of small things... the days when you're not a BIG SUCCESS are there for a reason and it's good. And the big things only come after you've been faithful in the small ones.

P.S. If you are looking to navigate your professional career I highly recommend talking to Tracy Timm - she'll ask you the hard questions and find your next steps to get to your calling. If that's what you need right now, check her out:


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