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We are delighted that you are exhibiting in the Spanish pavilion at the Fancy Food Show this June in New York.

In coordination with the Specialty Food Association, ICEX have coordinated with Retail Sales Coach Emily Anne Page to provide private 1-1 virtual pitch practice.

You will benefit from a perspective outside of your organization to better understand areas you can clarify and explain your brand and value proposition to an American buyer, whether a distributor, retailer or foodservice professional.

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Practice your pitch with Emily and receive actionable revisions to improve the effectiveness of your communication.

Each meeting is 50 minutes long, hosted on ZOOM and video recorded to help you retain advice and notes from each meeting.

Receive custom feedback so you can feel confident before your next sales pitch.


  • Click to schedule your call through the button below.

  • Create your presentation before the meeting.

  • On the day of the call – prepare your office, room, desktop and presentation exactly how you want it to be during your REAL sales pitch. 

  • During the call – immediately introduce yourself and plan to begin giving your presentation just as you would in front of a retail sales buyer.

  • After you are done presenting Emily will give you custom feedback on a 10 point checklist for what was EXCELLENT and what needs to be improved. You both can discuss the feedback and brainstorm ways to apply the feedback and improve the presentation. 

  • After the call you will receive a video recording of your presentation and feedback so you can review it later.


50 minute practice call on ZOOM


Schedule and give your sales presentation exactly as you’re planning to for the SFA’s Summer Fancy Food Show


  • FREE ($500 value) for members of the TRADE COMMISSION OF SPAIN, courtesy of ICEX

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About Emily Anne Page Executive Coach + Retail Sales Strategist + CPG Expert