START TO STOLD - New Video Channel

Everyone wants to know how to sell your physical products on retail or e-commerce! But getting that knowledge is usually learned the expensive and hard way.

I believe that every success skill we need is already known inside of us in a different category of life. It doesn't take much more than a shift of perspective and practice to tap into resources we already possess and apply it in a new way to grow your business. My greatest goal for this channel is to help you identify those resources so you can build revenue and grow a successful products company.

With every video we will go over successfully developing your physical product business and grow your sales.

Follow this new YouTube channel for real life experience and advice from experts in the field and Emily Page, CEO of Pearl Resourcing, on effective product development so you can go from START TO SOLD!

Here's the 1st video of many! Sales Should Be Your #1 Target In Growing Your Business:

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