Q&A: What steps can you take to build your business during COVID 19 pandemic?

Steps To Build Business In COVID-19 Pandemic?

Q: What steps can you take to build your business during COVID 19 pandemic?

ANSWER FROM EMILY: There there are 5 tips that come to mind:

1. Reach out to your customers.

Call your customers, even those who were canceling on you. Call them, send them an email newsletter if you're if you have their contact information. Pick a tone that's compassionate, empathetic, and value them. Focus on your customer's needs.

Remember, if you’re afraid. Oh, your customers are afraid. They're experiencing the same type of panic. So address that. Be a leader. We are leaders as entrepreneurs. So this is the time to lead and reach out to them and say, look, if we care about you, okay, here's where we are to help.

Share photos of what your company is doing. If you're donating face masks, funds, volunteering, or group zoom calls, take a screenshot and share it with them. Remind them - we're in this together. We're here with you. We haven't gone away.

2. Update collecting customer contact information.

The pandemic has reminded us as business owners we need a better way to reach your customers. They're showing up at your restaurant and you can't text them or email them. Go on Google right now and look up different ways to start capturing that information every time they make a purchase.

3. Connect people to your online presence.

Does your menu, business card, and packaging drive people to come back to your website or social media? Tell them where to find you and communicate with you.

And give them a REAL reason to give you their email. No one wants another email from someone where they're going to try to take up their time with spam. What is your value to me as a customer?

  1. Give me a great sale.

  2. Tell me about new cool products.

  3. Do a fun competition.

  4. Give away free things. This is the time to play, to have fun, to give them a reason to reconnect with you that benefits them, not you.

4. Improve online presence ease of use and clarity.

Everyone is looking at your website on their cell phone and is it easy to use? Is the opt-in clear? Are the graphics updated? Does checkout work or does really just kick them off if they refresh?

We build a website and we operate as entrepreneurs behind the scenes and forget what the customer experience is like. Go browse as if you are a consumer. Critique yourself, get real and update it.

Be sure you also check out refresh referral websites like Yelp or Google Reviews. Fight negative ones. Ask customers for positive ones. This is the time to make that kind of an ask.

5. Revise your current offers.

If people bought before, they still want what they were buying before. They just need it in a different capacity. What should change?

Get your products on Amazon if they can't be sold in boutiques. Offer telecommunication services if people don't want to come to the office. This is the time to pivot your offer.


If you don’t know what changes to make, take a moment and call a friend who's maybe been a great coach for you or a great cheerleader. I hope this Q&A encourages you with some fresh perspective of how to grow yourself and your business.

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Expert taken from “USC’s Alumni Entrepreneurship Webinar Q&A: Building Resilience For You And Your Business During COVID-19” (5/12/20). To watch or join the USCAE VISIT: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=535727827333636



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