(Podcast Interview of Emily Page)-ON THE SHELF with Tim Bush on Packaging For Big Box Stores

I imagine that Tim Bush, like me, actually enjoys spending a Saturday walking the crowded isles of Costco because he LOVE'S big box stores and the strategy behind getting a product selling on the shelf. Just as much as I love packaging.

You can hear our enthusiasm for the PHILOSOPHY of packaging spark during our conversation on Tim's podcast: "ON THE SHELF: How To Get Your Products Into Big Box Retail."

This interview is titled: Ep. 136 – The Heart And Soul Of Packaging with Emily Page because we talk about the high-level elements that determine sales success of a product. 

I believe packaging is a part of your product the way your skin is a part of your body. They cannot be truly separated -- we try to understand and separate them with definitions and words, but in reality their relationship is symbiotic, dependent and supportive of each other. Just like "Heart and Soul" ... "Bone Marrow"... 

"Packaging defines a product." - Emily Page

So if you want to sell a product, you must start with a packaging sales strategy.

If you want a high level, passionate conversation about what packaging strategies you can implement today in your packaging to sell in big box stores, take a listen: 

Ep. 136 – The Heart And Soul Of Packaging with Emily Page

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