*New Client* Lauren Bongiorno Diabetic Health Coach

Dallas, TX: Meet Lauren Bongiorno - Diabetic Health Coach & Wellness Influencer based in New York and our newest management client. Lauren has an infectious belief in people and commitment to lift others up. Her holistic perspective of health can be seen everywhere in her burgeoning personal Instagram page of over 20k followers, which features mindful living, yoga, and an overall wellness lifestyle.

Lauren was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 7 years old and in years of trying to achieve fulfillment, she’s been through it all: over exercising, yo-yoing dieting, and seeking perfectionism while trying to manage her blood sugars. Through her own personal walk towards health she found tools that created peace and wellness that she now shares with others as a one-on-one Diabetic Health Coach.

Lauren focuses on many different areas of life that effect diabetes management- from stress, to exercise, to sleep, to nutrition, to relationships, to self love. She’s helped hundreds of people and realizes how important support, guidance and accountability is to a person’s success.

Lauren is now embarking on a journey to grow her reach of service to the Diabetic Community by investing in making the effective tools and resources she’s collected over the years, available to a broader audience. In January 2018 Lauren’s first publication will launch: The Diabetic Health Journal: a 3 month guide to achieving your best A1C. The journal is an effective and mindful strategy to improve diabetes management and give support and guidance between the 3 month endocrinologist check up. It is designed in a way that forces you to slow down, become more mindful about every day decisions, and reflect on what is working/ what needs to change.

“I want anyone with diabetes to know they are not alone and with a little help—you can create freedom in your health and get a lower A1C” says Lauren about her purpose.

“This journal and community support we are building is going to empower the millions of people with diabetes to conquer their disease, and ultimately their life.” More resources for Diabetics will be available in the coming months via Lauren’s e-newsletter (you can sign up on her website http://laurenbongiorno.com) or by following her new Diabetic focused Instagram page: @diabetichealthjournal.


The Diabetic Health Journal will be available in January 2018 for Type 1 and in June 2018 for Type 2 diabetics—available on her website: http://laurenbongiono.com. Lauren is a former division 1 college athlete-turned-Nike Influencer, Lauren Bongiorno is a Diabetic Health Coach, Yoga Instructor, and Wellness Speaker.

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