My Startup Story in 5 Min: $0 to $ 1 Million in Sales In 5 Years

I started my 1st business" Pearl Resourcing Brand + Packaging Design Agency" Pearl Resourcing Brand + Packaging Design Agency 5 years ago! The first 5 min video covers the last five years and the next 3 is about the future!

I started after hard personal life experiences including being divorced, having no job (because I quit it to help him move for a job), little savings (because I helped buy things we needed to move), someone I loved became mentally ill and my family members were all in a financially challenging spot needing jobs in an emotional time. 

I felt insecure. The need to prove my abilities to myself and provide is what gave me the belief I HAD to do it & make it work.

I had read lots of books & worked as an employee for small businesses helping executives grow - but nothing I "knew" was enough preparation for what it REALLY takes to build a business. It takes your everything when you are just starting out.

I crossed a personal finish line 2 years ago with over $1.2 million in revenue in Pearl. I helped clients grow powerful brands, get into worldwide retailers & 2-5x their sales with the right packaging & branding design. During these 5 yrs I also built a 2nd business with a friend from $0 to $1 million in sales.

These experiences taught me lessons I deeply wanted to learn: HOW TO MAKE MONEY, provide for yourself and turn an idea into a sold reality.

I hope this encourages you. No matter where you are in the midst of the pandemic or life, your turning point could be right in front of you. In every difficulty, there is a need for leadership and WE as entrepreneurs are capable of solving the problems around us and meeting our clients’ needs. No challenge is too difficult to overcome. And sometimes the challenging moment is LITERALLY the thing that is so painful it forces you to pursue your dreams and make it work. Blessings can be created out of those most challenging moments. 

I share this to encourage you and also to send out love and hugs to everyone in the midst of a wild and crazy 2020. 

<3 Emily

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Emily is CEO of Pearl Resourcing and has managed and launched multiple 7-figure brands in Costco, Williams-Sonoma, Kroger, and Amazon. She’s bringing you the expertise, resources, and mentors you need so that you can develop products and make them sell. She also offers business growth consulting ( and free advice for brand owners through START TO SOLD (

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