“Life is tough my dear, but so are you.” | Emily Page's 2021 In Review | End of Year Postcard

Can you find the gratitude even in your hard year?
It's about perspective.

🙋‍♀️Goodbye and thank you 2020! Welcome 2021!

Rule Number 1 From Back To The Future... No 2020!
Wow 2020 was rough! Time for humor & gratitude.

I read a quote on a coffeeshop wall @RedefinedCoffee in Dallas which said basically “Life is tough my dear, but so are you.”

This year has been wild and filled with uncertainty for all of us. But we are made of the metal required to overcome adversity and let it make us stronger. When adversity hits - we get the chance to let it make something of us.

And this year had it's challenges for me (just like you). But rather than focus on what went wrong, I want to focus on what went right and be filled with gratitude!

A grateful heart (over a fearful one) can solve every problem.

Here are some things that happened professionally for me this year...

Pearl Resourcing designed Lolli and Pops packaging re-brand.
Lolli and Pops packaging re-brand came to stores!
  • In my consulting agency I helped 8 executives grow their business with more profit and fun. 💪 4 of which I helped with a 180 degree change their business model that resulted in 3x revenue in less than a year. Others said they felt supported and encouraged to find clarity and be a better leader for their organization so it could step to the next level. ✔️

  • In Pearl Resourcing (the Brand & Packaging Design Agency I own) we helped 16 companies re-brand and re-package their products! That means we designed packaging for over 118 products... wowzah! While restaurants took the worst of COVID, grocery did very very well as people cooked from home. ✔️

CBD brand GROWN 4 creates a stunning look as a leading edge emerging brand in the category.
Grown 4 launches with edgy design by Pearl Resourcing.
  • Some of our related wins included helping 2 international large companies re-brand and launch into the US market (@Costco here we come!)... 2 CBD brands took flight and a 50 chain US retailer launched a fun and joyful new direction. ✔️

There are some things that happened on a personal note in 2021 too!

  The newest addition to my extended family couldn't be sweeter.
I got a new niece in 2021!!!
  • My 2nd niece was born and I was able to visit her in San Diego, along with all of my family a few times because we were all COVID free! ✔️

  • Last February I started dating a handsome entrepreneur named Dylan Lin. He runs multiple businesses so our conversations are so lively and fun! But he also is passionate about fitness, travel, eating food and helping people so every minute of our free time has been fun. We started a TACO CHALLENGE in search of the best taco in the United States and video documented it on Instagram. ✔️

Nothing like a good hike with Dylan Lin.
Safest place to be is hiking in nature in 2021!
  • I took more time off in terms of ending work on time, enjoying full weekends off and taking 4 genuine vacations in-spite of how wildly busy I was. I didn't even check my email while I was gone! ✔️

  • Some of my closest friends splurged to buy me a fancy genuine #Prada purse. They put notes of love and encouragement inside it that I now keep in the bag to remind myself love follows me where I go in adundance. And although I would never normally buy something so fancy, I do feel love and support everyday I use it. ✔️

Those are some of the highlights of good things that happened in 2021 for me.

Every year I have to take time to remind myself that I thrive and grow by focusing on the positive - a grateful heart (over a fearful one) can solve every problem. Until you take an honest and joy filled assessment, sometimes the answers for what else should be inshore do not show up.

What were your victories (inspite of the crazy last year)? 🥇 I also pray you have the time to look back on all you have done this past year and feel graditude for how you overcame and won! Please share them with me in comments, posts and emails.

“Life is tough my dear, but so are you.”

Im wishing you a wonderful, growth filled 2021 from the bottom of my heart,

Emily Anne Page



Face masks were necessary all year long in 2021.
Traveling safely on the plain to visit San Diego.

Dylan and Emily celebrate the holidays.
A quick selfie for Christmas (6 feet away from everyone outside).

Exercise is an amazing mind re-set.
Viewing the San Diego coast line on a hike.

Austin's treated by a fun emerging brand grocery chain.
Visiting another Emily who runs Pop Up Grocer.

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