How To Pick A Safe Contract Manufacturer (Co-Packer) for Your New Food or Beverage

How To Pick A Safe Contract Manufacturer (Co-Packer) for Your New Food or Beverage

Food safety is CRUCIAL when sourcing the right factory to work with you. But most entrepreneurs and product developers are not SCIENTISTS and don't even know where to start. This particular topic is one I believe left best explained by the experts - and one of the smartest and most business savvy ones I know is Melissa Calicchia.

In this 30 minute interview Melissa answers questions related to PICKING THE RIGHT CO-PACKER including:

  • What is food safety and what do I need to be aware of as a brand owner in food and beverage?

  • Can you explain Food Safety Plans & HACCP Plans?

  • What are the applicable regulatory bodies USDA vs. and FDA?

  • What is shelf life and how does that impact me?

  • Are there any certificates to request from your co-packer and what they mean? Food safe, SQF, ISO…

  • How do their food safety standards affect my ability to sell into small and large stores?

  • When should I pick a co-packer with higher audit levels vs. low levels?

  • If I am just starting out what is the minimum?

  • If I want to sell to Target what would they require?

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+ Melissa Calicchia is the President and Chief Science Officer for Food Microbiological Laboratories, Inc., and Food Safety Solutions, Inc., located in Cypress, CA. She has over 30 years of experience in food safety and microbiology, and has authored numerous original journal research papers on microbiological and food safety topics.

+ Food Microbiological Laboratories ( is an ISO 17025 Accredited third party lab, who performs routine testing for COA release of finished products, ingredients and environmental swab samples.

+ Food Safety Solutions, Inc. ( is a food safety consultancy practice that designs and executes microbiological challenge studies, designs and validates CCPs and Preventive Controls to support HACCP and Food Safety Plans, and troubleshoots microbiological contamination and regulatory issues. They also develop food safety and quality systems to comply with regulatory, SQF and BRC standards.

+ The environmental pathogen mapping, tracking and trending program eBacMap ( was developed by the Food Micro Labs scientists, and is used worldwide by food manufacturers to verify effectiveness of their sanitation controls.



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