I am proud to be a keynote speaker at GET IT STARTED WOMEN'S CONFERENCE in San Diego Nov 4 hosted by SupportSDLocal at Downtownworks. We will be talking about how to LAUNCH your business so it can grow fast. It's a fast and to the point day that will leave you with action and growth. Don't sit and listen for hours to other people give advice, let's do it together and GET IT STARTED!

Check out the press release below--see you there!


Event Promises To Move Your Business Forward In A Single Day

GET IT STARTED – Women’s Entrepreneurial Conference on November 4, 2017

For release: September 16, 2017

San Diego, CA: What do you do when you’re stuck? How do you create momentum when you have a great idea, but you are not clear on the best way forward?

Get It Started is an upcoming event in San Diego on November 4, 2017 that promises to move your business forward in a single day so you can Get It Started. Designed specifically for women, this small business conference is a day filled with workshops led by experienced female entrepreneurs who will not shirk from asking you the hard questions and help you create a plan forward. You will hear refreshing stories of women who have overcome their creative and financial hurdles and teach you how they did it.

“No matter where you are in business, there is always something you need to get started,” says Wesley Oksanen, the event’s founder and owner of Support SD Local. “This event is very accessible, because it is only a one-day commitment, affordable and full of really great content so you can get quick and meaningful action steps for your business or side hustle to grow.”

“San Diego is a hub of small business growth and we’re committed to fostering the environment needed for ideas to take off,” commented Candy Dias, a Community Curator for Downtownworks (550 West B Street) where the event is being held.

If you are looking to move forward in your business, have a great time with other driven and smart women in San Diego, this event is for you.

Tickets are for sale here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/san-diego-womens-entrepreneurship-conference-tickets-37708409869. Early bird ticket prices start at $25 thanks to the sponsorship of local small businesses including: Better Buzz, SupportSDLocal, Duford Law, Boochcraft, and Downtownworks. If you would like to have your business join in supporting local female entrepreneurs contact sdlocalcommunity@gmail.com.

SupportSDLocal is dedicated to supporting “local” by elevating businesses and entrepreneurs in San Diego. We have three goals: Create awareness. Build Community. Provide Resources. To learn more about us visit our blog: http://supportsdlocal.com or follow us on Instagram @supportsdlocal.

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