BrandCamp: Omni-channel Branding & Packaging with expert Emily Page

Is your packaging helping your brand? Are you telling your story effectively in every channel?

Having a consumer packaged good means you know the value of a first impression. What’s tough in this day and age is to nail it across channels. How do you speak to your consumer fluidly at every touchpoint? How do you optimize your brand for the digital economy?

On April 25, 2018 2 pm EST, we’re speaking with expert advisers who have guided holistic packaging strategies in the modern day, as well as stellar brands who are successfully navigating the complexities of today's marketplace. Join this BrandCamp webinar to learn how to present your product to best suit your brand, across all sales channels.

Tickets can be purchased here on the New Hope BRANDCAMP website.

Emily Page Founder & CEO, Pearl Resourcing

Tony Portugal CEO & Co-Founder, CACOCO 

Luke Raymond Founder / Executive Creative Director, VMG Creative

Lisa Spencer Vice President of Mojo, nuun hydration

Moderator Bill Giebler Managing Editor - Nutrition Business Journal, New Hope Network 

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