3 Ways Packaging Can Naturally Increase Shelf Life (Food and Beverage)

How can packaging improve your product shelf life?... Naturally?! Believe it or not but it's packaging!

Shelf-life has a direct economic impact on the value of your product because:

  1. Early spoilage of product before it is consumed is a loss of money for you, your retailer and customer as it' both can't be sold but also results in additional costs like returns or disposal.

  2. Retail buyers make decisions based on shelf life for that reason and hesitate to carry products (no matter how delicious) if it spoils quickly.

  3. The breadth retailers that can carry your product will be reduced to local small retailers by short shelf life because transporting your product from your factory to the store is when a lot of temperature abuse and time lapse occurs (key elements to making products spoil quickly). For example your 7 day shelf life from the manufacturing date will become 3 when it takes 2 days to truck the product and 1 day to put the product on the shelf.

Let's talk about 3 ways packaging can NATURALLY help increase the shelf life of your product in this short 5 minute video or read the executive summary below.

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If you manufacture food or beverage products for retail you care about shelf life! There are chemical ways to get shelf life - preservatives... but they aren't natural. What if there were ways to get shelf life naturally!? Packaging can do that for you.

Here are the short cut tips for how:

  1. Packaging keeps air out and protects your product from oxygen exposure.

  2. Packaging can be thick enough to protect from light or odor exposure which corrupts flavors, textures and bacteria growth.

  3. Packaging can protect your product so you can use cool technologies that kill bacteria without chemicals like HPP and hot-filling.

  4. Using a desiccant (a little bag or container with moisture absorbing material inside) to remove moisture from the bottle and ensure it's dry!

Good shelf life means that inventory stays fresh longer so you can keep the money you invest into it safe AND it will mean customers are safe whenever they consume your product. We hope this information helps you to create better products with longer shelf life... so you can sell more!


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3 Ways Packaging Can Naturally Increase Shelf Life by Start To Sold

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