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Grow your Sales! Growth Consulting - $2,500

Through a detailed analysis of the Client’s product listings and the marketplace competition, Pearl Resourcing will provide the Client a tailored growth plan guaranteed to increase sales in the Amazon Marketplace with detailed instructions for listing improvements and other action items.


  • Macro-Level Growth Strategy Plan.
    Pearl Resourcing will present clear strategic priorities unique to the Client’s product listings and market for increase in revenue.

  • Implementable Action Steps.
    Detailed, visual recommendations for improving the Client’s product listings on Amazon.

  • (Optional) Estimate for Pearl Resourcing’s Implementation.
    Client will receive a detailed & sectioned cost structure for Pearl Resourcing to implement the recommended steps.


1) Data Collection. Pearl Resourcing collects relevant data from Client through access to Seller/Vendor Central (instructions provided).

2) Zoom Call Product Review Meeting (1 hr). Pearl Resourcing & Client meet on Zoom to review Client’s products and market.

3) Research & Strategy Formation (4-8 hr). Pearl Resourcing will independently analyze the product listings, Seller Central data, and market competition and formulate an action plan for growth on

4) Zoom Findings Review Meeting (1 hr). Pearl Resourcing & Client meet on Zoom to review the recommended steps to greater success.

5) Work Estimate (complimentary). Pearl Resourcing will prepare a customized work estimate for implementation of the recommended steps.